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This is my website which I will primarily use to post my writing. I am a writer only as a hobby. Most of my pieces have no intended audience; they are written for myself, to explore the thoughts inside my head in a short story or dialogue format.

However I'm by no means private about what I write. I'm always looking to improve my style, and many of these pieces do a better job at explaining myself than I could do in person. This website serves as a convenient place to collect and share my writing on the rare occasion I choose to do so, either when looking for constructive feedback, or to explain myself. And perhaps, it gives me a slight sense of satisfaction that in the huge ether that is the internet, I can call a small part of that mine.

Context to my writing:

Tea and Coffee: A collection of short stories, set in the real world, of seemingly insignificant and anecdotal things. The main character is based on myself, or rather, a version of myself I hope to be in five ye…

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